Saturday, December 28, 2013

Looking Back: 2013 [Part III]

In September I met new faces, went back to feeling content, and just all around happy. I was learning how to strike up conversations with random people and it was nice. September was just really chill.

During the month of October I noticed that I was lacking on feeling inspired and it had me feeling blah. So I challenged myself to keep an eye out for beauty. Turned out that it was a good idea because it got me out of that rut of not creating anything.


November was a roller coaster. I had a lot of projects that I needed to complete for school and I found myself having fun working on them.
Then there was a moment where I found myself stressing like crazy and doubting myself. Thankfully, I quickly got out of that rut and realized that stresses will come and go but keeping focus on the beautiful things is what helps you keep going.

Then I did my last week of November post and closed the month off with good vibes.


Well December doesn't really need pictures because you can just scroll down and look at some of the things that I did this month haha. A couple of good things that happened was I passed all of my classes, (which is a christmas miracle because there was one class which I thought I would fail….but did not [hooray]), I also had a wooooonderful christmas! My family really spoiled me this year and got some of the coolest things for me. One of those being a record player. SHE IS A BEAUTY! I will be taking pictures of her soon because she needs to be shown off to the world. Also my little brother got a guinea pig and he is the cutest thing. I'm making a top hat for him so there will also be pictures of that soon too.


Looking back at this year has been so much fun. I am just surprised at how much I have grown and matured. I'm definitely looking forward to 2014 and giddy to see what is in store for me.

I'm ready for you 2014.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

There is something so magical about Christmas Eve. You're standing next to your tree holding a cup of hot chocolate and looking at the gifts below wondering what is in each one of those boxes and bags. You're standing there feeling joy, love, and excitement. Christmas season is a magical beautiful season. There is nothing that compares to it.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, what ever it is you celebrate. I hope that you are left feeling loved and cherished this season.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

♥ misa

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Looking Back: 2013 [Part II]

I'm back to share with you guys the eventful moments that took place in 2013. This time I'll be reminiscing about the summer months.

During May I was content. I was still thinking about changing schools; wondering if I was ready, if I would get accepted, and if I could handle it. I found myself hanging out at Starbucks more than often.
I guess my life was too content because little did I know that there was something hiding around the corner.
It was in May that I met someone and he was pretty great. Actually at the time I thought he was amazing. Of course, it didn't last long (we will get to that later) but at the time I thought he was perfect for me. Within that "relationship" that I had with him I learned a lot about who I am and what I wanted exactly. The ending of May was nothing but fun fun fun.

During June I didn't blog much because I was hanging out with a new guy and trying to juggle summer school, oh yeah and I was working at a snocone stand haha. I do however remember June being soooooo stressful with all the stuff I was trying to handle at once. I did learn time management though. But it was a beautiful summer month filled with lots of good things.

Oh July. July was the month of BIG changes. Me and that mystery guy ended things and man was I sad. I was broken on the inside. Thinking about it now it just seems silly at how sad I was, but time heals all wounds. I have a feeling though that I met him for a reason and he left for a reason. Looking back I am slowly beginning to realize what that reason was. Not only that, but this was the month where I got over a lot of my silly fears. For example, I hated being alone. I would literally have a panic attack if someone left me in a crowded place alone, even if I knew where I was. But this was the time where I was getting over these fears :)
While I was eating my small broken heart out with watermelons. I took the plunge and applied to University of Houston. I was so worried because I thought I had missed the deadline and figured I wouldn't get accepted and just over thought everything. Well it turned out that I almost missed the deadline but thankfully did not and I did in fact get accepted and I was SO HAPPY. I did not care any more about the negative thoughts that kept creeping up in my mind. I just followed my heart and did it. And my goodness it was the best decision that I made this year.
This was also the month when I created my "pinterest famous" (not really famous, but it's getting there!) pet flower collar. I'm still getting hits on this specific page all thanks to the sweet Megan from moonbeam wishes.


In August I made a list of nine things to do before I turn 30. I still need to achieve one of those goals!
I gave my bangs a pixie trim and felt like a fairy doll. I need to do this again. New idea, I need to do this when I dye my hair pink (*insert heart eye'd emoji*)
started classes at my new school and was totally in love. During the first few weeks of attending I knew that I made the right decision to transfer. It was at the perfect moment and everything seemed to fall into place without me having to stress too much. I guess when things are meant to be there will not be any kind of guessing and stressing. 

I am just now realizing that these few months were the times this year where I was going through change and man it feels so great to see where I was then and where I am now. 

I'm so happy I chose to reminisce about this year! I recommend you going back and looking at how much you have changed through out the year. If you didn't write any of it down maybe next year you can invest in a journal or start a blog ;) It's fun to see how much you have grown. 

♥ misa

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Looking Back: 2013 [part I]

Eeeeeep 2014 is in a few days. A FEW DAYS. It's always fun to make goals for the new year. Every year I make resolutions, whether or not I achieve them is another story. But I do enjoy setting goals for myself! Before I talk about my goals for 2014 I want to take a look back at 2013 just so I can remind myself of how far I have come to where I am today and how much I have grown throughout this year.

As I was writing this for the past 4 days….yes, 4 days….I realized that it was too much to take in at once. I figured it would be easier to break this up into three parts.


January started out great! I feel like this month is just refreshing for everyone. Mainly because of the resolutions and the beginning of a new start. I was totally feeling it and totally loving it. 

I decided to dress like Ruby Sparks for the day and it was one of the most fun things I have ever done! Wearing bright tights out in public does something to you, it makes you feel all cutesy and quirky. I recommend it.

This was the month when I created these felt candy hearts. This was my first DIY that I ever posted on this blog. I remember passing these out to my friends and they totally loved them. Each time I would whip them out people would say "awww Melissa". It's always fun to make peoples day by giving them simple little treats.


March was a very crazy month. It was the time where I thought I found something but it turned out that it was nothing. It was the first tiny heartache that I felt of 2013. Even though it was small, it did still hurt.
Because of that sadness I found myself looking for things to do in order to occupy my mind and I found the most beautiful garden in all of Houston.

April was a very good month. Things were starting to look up again and I began to start thinking of making changes for my future. I was scared but I knew that I was ready for big change. And you know, that scared girl in April who was freaking out about the future had no idea of how amazing those changes would be. I had no idea that I was going to achieve those goals. Oh I bet you're wondering what that big change was. Well I was beginning to realize that I was ready to change schools and get myself in debt with tuition costs. Actually the last part was a lie…thankfully I'm not in debt….yet.
Another reason why April was so good to me was because it was my 21st birthday! This birthday was  probably the best birthday that I ever had. So far being 21 has been one of the best years of my life. Hopefully I say that about every year for now on, but for real, being 21 is so much fun.
I went camping with two of my dearest friends and it was the best camping experience ever! The first time I went camping I thought I was going to freeze to death. No joke. But this time was really good and made me fall in love with the outdoors even more.

* * * * *

There you have it. The things that went down during the beginning of this year.
Be sure to check back for the next part.

Oh also, if you are doing a recap of what you did this year leave a link in my comments! I would love to see what you were up to this year :)

♥ misa

Monday, December 9, 2013

Museum Visit

I needed to go to the Contemporary Arts Museum so I could write a paper of my visit, I decided to bring my sister along to make it a sister date. It was so much fun and totally what we needed. I have been to our Fine Arts museum hundreds of time, but this was my first time to visit this particular museum and I am sooo happy that I got the chance to go. A lot of the art work in this museum makes you wonder "why is this art? I can make this" but then you get to realizing that anything is art and that is the beauty behind why art is wonderful.

If you are ever bored in the Houston area and looking for something fun to do, I suggest going to this museum (its freeeeeeeee!) then afterwards get lunch or dinner and grab some drinks at Empire Cafe.

♥ misa

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Study Break

I just wanted to show you this.
I love this. I love her, who ever she is. 
I cannot stop looking at this gif. 
Maybe I love it because it reminds me of my 
favorite movie Amélie
or maybe I love it because for some strange reason,
to which I cannot put my finger on,
she reminds me a little of myself. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Last Week of November

Last week of november, you were crazy. I knew you would be busy but I had no idea of the crazy ups and downs you were going to put me through. Lets take a look at you.
I spent Tuesday puking my guts out. I had the stomach flu and it sucked. tmi? probably. But hey, that was the beginning. It only lasted a day, so I guess that was a good thing. 
Thanksgiving day was pretty good. I did not burn the house down with the turkey that I had to cook and to be honest it did taste really good! I can successfully say that I cooked thanksgiving meal for a family now. I don't think many 21 year olds can say that. 
The next day my mother and little brother wanted to feed some ducks. So we took a trip to this abandoned piece of land that has a lake and well, we fed some ducks. 
While we were at the lake I noticed that there was a train track up ahead so, of course, I wandered off following that track. It was nice to walk straight ahead and keep seeing nothing but tracks. Pretty much they were never ending. It just got me thinking about life and where I am right now, where I was a few years back, and where I will hopefully be in the future. Although I cannot see into the future I do know that there is something waiting for me at the other end. Some kind of crazy adventure? Another change in a career path? Who knows. All I know is that if I keep looking straight ahead I will eventually get somewhere, even if it's not where I want to be. Maybe you're unsure about some things in your life right now. I suggest you find a train track and just walk. It will definitely clear your mind. 
I mentioned before that I was excited to be seeing my best friend on this holiday. It was so so sooo nice to catch up with her and hear about all the exciting things happening in her life. I am incredibly happy for her. She is such a gem in my life and I am forever grateful for a friend like her. 
* * *
That was all of the things that I photographed. 
Some key things that happened this week which I did not take a picture of:
- I retired my nose ring. Two years with my small light blue diamond piercing. I will miss her so much, but it was time to say goodbye. Maybe sometime in my future I will pierce my nose again and will be reunited with her.
- Although it looks like I did a lot this past week, I also spent most of my time in my room studying. I have THREE TESTS THIS WEEK. Please pray. I need to pass these tests.
- Lastly, I have some of the best news ever. I was jumping up and down when I found this out. I got a new job!! I have been praying for the longest time for a job. I had seen an ad on craigslist seeking someone who can work part time at….get this….Starbucks in the airport. I applied and got a call the next day. Two interviews later I found out I got the job. It seriously came at the most perfect time and fits perfectly with my school schedule. So now I am officially a Starbucks barista. Now I am going to have money and that is something that is truly wonderful. 

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving week. Oh yeah and today is the first day of December. Man 30 more days till this year ends. Gotta make it count. 

♥ misa

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Eeeeeep, I am boreeed. Remember how I told you last time that my cat hates cuddling? Well this picture above is proof. Well sort of. She only cuddles by herself and it makes me mad! Just cuddle with me for once please. I don't think I'm that annoying to her….am I? Oh well, I still love her.

Turkey day is in 4 days. Goodness. I still don't know what I'm going to bake yet. Probably my world famous apple pie. This pie is seriously world famous. Have you not seen the billboards all over with a picture of me in my cute little apron holding an apple pie? Well if you haven't then you just haven't been out yet. Kidding, kidding. But really….this pie is amazing and always a HUGE hit. I want to bake something else though, I'm thinking I will try one of those sweet recipes that Emma from A Beautiful Mess created. I'll still be thinking about it.
Something that I'm freaking out about is I will have to cook the whole thanksgiving meal this year by. my. self. Well not necessarily, my little sister and little brother will be around to help, but still. My mom has to work Thanksgiving morning and will be getting off of work around 2. I have to load that turkey into the oven and make sure it doesn't burn the house down. To be honest I'm kind of excited. I'm not the greatest cook, but I have confidence in myself that this meal will blow everyones core because it will be that good.

Another thing that I'm excited about is seeing my bff. My biffle for liffle. She goes to school in Indiana so I only see her a couple times a year. Long distance friendships can be hard but luckily we have that friendship where as soon as we see each other we start right where we left off. Friendships like that are rare but once you find them hold on to them.

Oh yeah. I don't know about you guys that are still in school. But I have school thanksgiving week. Right?! What is up with that?! Haha okay well it's not so bad. I only go to school on tuesday but I have a test in each class next week so all I'm going to be doing this next week is studying, cooking, and finding time to hangout with my friends that are in town. Wow. This week is going to be insane.

Incase I don't talk to you all this week, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving day spent with your family and loved ones. For those of you who don't celebrate the holiday (my overseas friends) I promise to eat an extra slice of pie for you.

♥ misa

ps. I'm sorry this post was so long. I wasn't lying when I told you that I was bored. Now that I think about it, I should have been studying. Oops.

Friday, November 22, 2013

November 18 - 22, 2013

1// I bought coffee for myself. Found out it was a friends birthday and bought coffee for him. I made his day better and that made mine better.
2// I found this royal blue gem of a dress. She fit me perfectly and flowed beautifully over my body, but ya know, I had no place to wear her. So I passed her up cause I'm trying to save money. Not having a job does in fact suck sometimes. 
3// Secret time: I have never in my life paid for a vogue subscription. Ever. I don't even know why I get their magazines, but this year I have gotten four issues in the mail and I am soooo not complaining. To be honest I find what they talk about boring. BUT the advertisement ads inspire me. I rip those out and pin them on my bulletin. ugh. Those pictures are stunning. 
4// I am a morning person, I am, I am, I am. Sitting on a bench on campus, sipping my coffee, and people watching at 8 am is the most calming thing ever. Try it sometime. 
5// My cat. She is a character indeed. I wish she would cuddle more because I am a cuddler but she only wants to cuddle with you when she feels like it…which is rarely ever.
6// I am tree obsessed and the tree tops this season are to die for. Don't be surprised if you find me walking around just looking straight up and the trees. Man they are beautiful. 

Some things that I could not take a picture of:
1// I had a horrible day last tuesday. Tears and all were streaming down my face pretty much all day. I get like that sometimes, especially with the holidays coming up. I miss my dad and that's all there is to it. But I'm better now. New Girl & The Office healed me for a little bit. 
2// I finished season 5 of MadMen. Now I think I have to watch season 6 illegally *tear*
3// I cheated the system. I can't say much more about that but I cheated the system. muahaha.
4// Supposedly I looked like a lady bug on thursday…um…I don't think I did.
5// I realized that this year is  a l m o s t  o v e r         whaaaaat?!

What where you up to this week?

♥ misa