Sunday, February 22, 2015

I Don't Feel Like Thinking Of A Title For This

There is one week left till the closing of month. I've done a not so good job at updating this thing. Mainly its because I had been so busy. I had two test last week and I have another one on Tuesday and then another coming soon after that. Then I have to begin writing these two papers. One for my theory class and another for media & society. I'm not complaining though. I really do love my classes this semester. One thing that I have found difficult is making new friends. You see, I changed my major (for the millionth and last time) and have found that the girls in this major are the type that seem to not like me. Maybe I'm over thinking it, but no one wants to talk to me! I try to start conversations with the people sitting next to me but its like "they think they're too good for me." I'm not going to say the type of girls that are in these classes because I'm not a hater and try my best not to judge everyone according to their category. But my goodness. Just be friendly, thats all I want. Ugh whatever. The semester isn't over yet and I'm making it a goal to at least gain one acquaintance within the next few months.

Anyways, here are some pictures that sum up this month for me.

As you can see. This month has been pretty boring. Other than my mothers birthday and valentines. That was about it.

Although I have been playing around with lighting. One resolution of mine was to not stop creating and since my university likes to piss me off, I wasn't able to sign up for any art related classes this semester. So my medium of choice for the month was photography. I never really saw myself as a photographer nor will I ever call myself one. But it is fun to play around with. So this month I have been paying close attention to different kinds of lighting and so far I think I've taken some cool photos.

Oh and fyi, incase you want to see some of the things that inspire me, you should check out my tumblr page. I don't use it much, but it has been one of the only things that keeps my imagination flowing (and always brings laughter).

Thats about it though. Hope you all have a great last week of February!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Dream

and then there was that dream,
so lucid & so raw.
I awoke and wanted to enter back into that realm of the past,
I awoke and wished, hoped, wanted every bit of it to stay,
I awoke and told myself that could never be. 
but now there is this thing,
this chance,
I can relive that moment.
Enter back into the memory,
into the past. 
my heart is so full. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

How To Do Valentine's Day Solo

So Valentines Day is tomorrow and I'm sure you could guess that it is one of my favorite days. It's a time where I can wear hearts and reds and pinks and no one can look at me like I'm crazy.
Last Valentines Day was special. I didn't blog about it but I had a great time with a really great guy.

Well this year I am flying solo and decided to just have an all "me" day. I just want to take this Valentines day and spread love to myself because we all need to do that every once in a while.
If you are spending this holiday alone don't fret because I have some tips that could make you love this day even more than if you were to spend it with a guy.

Wear your favorite red or pink lipstick
What girl doesn't look good in red lips? Its sexy, sophisticated, and makes your teeth look whiter than they actually are (score). Maybe you think red lipstick is a little too much. Well my dear, you wear that pink shade and you rock it. Don't forget to smile at everyone that passes your way. This lipstick that I have is Revlon 725. If you really want your lips to stay red throughout the day, outline them with lip pencil. For that I use Revlon ColorStay lipliner. (you can tell that I like revlon riiiight?)

Go to Lush and buy a bath bomb for the night
I will use any excuse to go to Lush and buy some bath bombs. First day of school? Buy a bath bomb, Birthday? I need a bath bomb. First day of spring? Time to bath bomb it up. Doing Valentines day solo? OF COURSE I NEED A BATH BOMB! Let me tell you that I am sooooo excited to splash around in my bath tub on the 14th and watch my bomb disintegrate under the running water. I told the Lush girl what I was doing for valentines day and she thought it was such a cool idea that I was buying mini gifts for myself. On this shopping trip I bought a green bubble bar which smells citrusy and fresh and my all time favorite Phoenix Rising bath bomb. This bath bomb is very cool because the colors remind me of space and there is gold glitter on the outside which makes your bath tub look really cool. You pretty much come out looking like a golden goddess. And who doesn't want to look like a golden goddess?

Buy your favorite flowers
I haven't had a chance to go out a buy a bouquet of flowers, so hopefully tomorrow if I have time I will drive over to Whole Foods. Yes Whole Foods. I kid you not when I say that they have some of the pretties bouquet of flowers from any other grocery store that I have seen. Roses are over rated and don't even smell all that great. But pink tulips. I am in heaven. By the way tulip season is coming and once spring break gets here I will be heading off to one of my favorite places in Houston. I took this picture back in 2013. Houston has this amazing garden and during the spring time it is filled with pink tulips. 

Go out and buy lingerie for yourself
I was shopping with my sister and wandered around the the underwear section for ladies. I came across this super cute lingerie set and said to my sister "I wish I could buy this but ya know, I have no husband or boyfriend or any person to share this with" Then I stopped myself because I couldn't believe what I was saying. I don't need a man in order to buy lingerie. I'll buy it for my own damn self because it makes me feel sexy for myself. I bought it and it is one of the prettiest things in my drawer right now. 
So ladies, you go out a buy some sexy pieces for yourself because you deserve it. Maybe take some sexy pictures just for yourself as well. Not only will it be a confidence booster but it will also show you that you can look super hot in cute lingerie. 

Create Valentines for your friends

This one I kind of failed at doing this year. I think since this holiday falls on a Saturday it kind of messes this all up for me. I only work on fridays, saturdays, and sundays because the rest of those days I am in school. I didn't make any valentines this year for my friends. But I think I'm going to make something special for them anyways because I just love giving so much :) A couple years ago I wrote this post about how to make super easy diy felt candy hearts. This was one of the first times that I have ever sewn anything and was really proud at how they came out! Also, all of my friends at the time loved receiving these little things. You should check it out and make some for those that you love. 

Those are some of my tips on how to make this holiday one of the sweetest if you're spending it alone. You don't need a guy in order to feel special on this day. You have yourself and are loved by more people than you can imagine. 

Also, today is Galentines day!!!! HAPPY GALENTINES DAY TO YOU!!!!