Thursday, September 19, 2013


 I have been feeling so content with everything lately.

Life really and truly is a beautiful thing. Try and find beauty in all that you do today. I promise it will be the best decision that you make all week.

♥ misa

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

School Took Over My Life Again

I have been a little MIA lately, most of the reason why is because of school. I have not had much time to go out and explore any type of surroundings either....other than my new campus. Every day I find a new place to sit alone and study, so that is something that is fun. I hope that you're not thinking that I am always alone, I'm not! I have made a couple of new acquaintances. So I am not a total loser haha. My conversation skills are getting a little better and also my confidence to talk to new people. Over all I am liking this girl that I am slowly becoming. I'm still shy but not about things that I used to be about. I'm feeling pretty great about all this.

I made a little playlist for you all to listen to. It's pretty much a combination of songs that I am currently listening to while wandering around campus. But before you hit play do this:
- make a cup of tea or coffee, make sure you have it ready.
- sit on a big comfy couch, plush bed, or outside under a tree.
*optional* - grab a notebook and pen to doodle or write what ever comes to your heart while listening.

This is one of those playlist's that will inspire you, make you feel loved, make you want to give love, and relax you.

I hope you enjoy it.

September by Melissa McDaniel on Grooveshark

♥ misa

Monday, September 2, 2013

Some Things

Mini goals to accomplish this week:
  • Talk to 3 random strangers. Introduce myself to them and have a conversation that lasts at least 10 minutes long.
  • Have enough courage to tell that annoying stalker guy "I don't ever see us being together. I don't even know you. You're too old for me. You're too immature for me. We are in no way compatible. Please, for goodness sake, leave me the hell alone." 
  • Wear my new shoes everyday.
  • Of course, keep up with my studies.
  • Email my little brothers art teacher. 
  • Spread smiles and happiness to eeeeeveryone that I see. 

Happy first week of September! 
I am patiently sitting around waiting for cooler weather. Please hurry autumn.

♥ misa