Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Changing Styles

Ya wanna know a secret? This summer I haven't worn a dress. Yeah, I'm in shock as well. I think its because of these insane rainy gray days that we have been having. I feel as though I need to bring out my sun dresses when that big bright beauty is out shining instead of hiding behind the clouds. 
I have been noticing that my style has been changing though. Not too much. But now a days I like simple wears. My eye seems to be drawn to more of neutral colors and less of the crazy cutesy patterns. 
Maybe its because I'm getting older and soon I will be on the hunt for internships and then hopefully a real job. I found out a couple months ago that I got accepted into this class for the fall semester. In the acceptance email, the professor emphasized that this class was very professional. This could have something to do with it as well. 
Even though my style is slightly changing, I will never give up my cat flats, polka dot tights, and baby bows for my hair. I don't care how old I get...those pieces will stay with me forever.
shirt & shoes: H&M // jeans & necklace: forever 21

Monday, June 8, 2015

This Summer

I'm trying not to look into the past. Last summer was one of the best and I keep telling myself that nothing will compare to how I felt this time last year.
I was feeling some crazy, deep, beautiful emotions. 
I traveled half way across the world into a foreign land I've never been to, the World Cup returned, I met and said goodbye to one of the greatest guys I've ever became acquainted with, I finally decided on a major and was actually excited about finishing school, all of my close friends were going through life changes that seemed to benefit themselves (as was I). It was a really really good time filled with much excitement.
Then comes this summer. I'm not sure what to look forward to with these next few months. I have no special trips lined up, no new friends to hang out with, basically there is nothing to look forward to. I'm trying my best to look at my surroundings in a new light but it can be hard especially when I keep having flashbacks of last year. So here are some summer goals that will hopefully keep things fresh:

1. pass my summer classes
2. since I'm on campus everyday, maybe hit up the expensive fancy gym that I'm paying for but rarely ever use?
3. bake some pies
4. find new study spots in Houston
5. write a blog post about my hair color since I always get questions about that
6. maybe write a blog post about my makeup and skin care routine?
7. sell my furniture and buy some new stuff from ikea
8. wear sunscreen everyday
9. hangout with the yuppies in midtown on a friday night. mostly to make fun of them and mostly to see how many free drinks i'll get at the bar
10. juice the crap out of every vegetable that I get my hands on
11. get over this guy who left a dent on my heart. even though I rarely ever spent time with him and our last encounter left me angry, I still cannot stop missing him & thinking about him & hoping for him
12. museum it up
13. italian it up
14. cook at least one meal a week for myself and my family
15. try all the interesting and rare ice cream flavors I can get my hands on
16. buy a leash for my cat because I know her reaction to it will make me want to pee my pants
17. paint this thing that has been on my mind for a while
18. hopefully go to austin for the first time in my life
19. make banana ice cream
20. make banana flavored everything
21. make mango flavored everything
22. make coconut flavored everything
23. read
24. hangout with my friends and family as much as I can

This is what I have came up with so far. Lets see what takes place this summer.