Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Wishlist Pt. 2

Here is the last of my birthday wishlist posts! Next week (April 5) I will be turning 21 and I am soooo excited. This week on my list of items that I would like to have:

1. Target Gift Card: Anyone who personally knows me will tell you that Target is my FAVORITE store in the whole world. I go there at least once a week....its a bad habit. I always find something fun in there to buy. Whether it be clothes, shoes, room decor items, random $1 things. Anything and everything from that store I love. A gift card from there would not only help with my wallet but would also help with my obsession. 

2. It's Gonna Be Okay Journal: Sometimes I get in these moods where I feel down in the dumps. If I got this journal I know that it would bring up my spirits and make me see a positive outlook on how I'm feeling at the moment. Since I always seem to over think and analyze everything, this would help calm my mind. 

3. iPhone Fisheye Lens: My goodness I want this. That's all there is to it. This would be really cool to play around with and would add a new look to my instagram pictures. 

4. Moleskine Notebook: Lately I have been drawing more often than I ever have. Whenever I'm sitting in class I start doodling away when I should be paying attention. Usually when I get home I will transfer those doodles into a notebook. A moleskin would be good to have because the paper is perfect for drawing. 

There y'all have it! My last wish list for my special day. 

♥ misa

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear April

Dear April,

Please get here as soon as possible. I know that you're so close that I can almost touch you but you're not getting here quick enough. March has been such a roller coaster type of month and I really don't like it. I am so fed up with how I am feeling right now. I'm exhausted. I've been praying hard that I can feel good again. April - I hope that you bring me happiness, joy, and love. It's something that I am missing terribly right now. 


Friday, March 22, 2013

Brothers Birthday

Look at that face. Isn't he adorable? That is my little brother Matthew and he turned 10 this past week. I love him. He is the youngest person that lives in my family and the only guy in the household. It always amazes me how he deals with estrogen so well. He's going to really know how to deal with the ladies when he gets older and he'll be thankful for that when he gets there. 
I hope you all had a good week!

♥ misa

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

My 21st birthday is next month! Boom. I am so excited and ready for a new year of my life where I grow and mature even more. I am a bit nervous because (I think) that your 21st birthday is your LAST big hurrah. You know, your last birthday that actually means something exciting. I guess the next big birthday that I have will be when I turn 30 - lets not think about that right now. So until the week before my birthday I will be sharing my wishlist with you all. Maybe some of my family and friends will see this and buy them for me ;) *HINT HINT YALL*

1. Fujifilm INSTAX: I have been wanting one of the bad boys for a while now. My best friend has the mini and I loved playing around with it. If this was the only gift that I received for my birthday I would be totally fine with it.
2. Windshield wipers: My car right now needs this. Haha mine are so old and its always embarrassing when I have someone in my car and need to clean the front window because my current ones leave horrid streaks and.......yeah, its just embarrassing and I need new ones.
3. Pink Tulips! My favorite flowers in the whole entire world. Can someone please send me a million of these beauties. Please?
4. La Sardina: This little camera would just be for pleasure. Its a film camera that you can take some cool looking pictures with. I've been hearing some great things about this little toy so it would be nice to play around with it.

So there you have it. Some of the things that would make my life just a -tad- bit brighter.

♥ misa

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Silly Girl

You know what I am? A silly girl. I'm supposed to be acting more mature because I am getting older but sometimes I find myself acting like a 10 year old who thrives on Disney films and fairy tales. On a totally random note I have some of the greatest people in my life. I always knew that I did but occasionally they remind me by surprising me with their love. For example one of the greatest people that roam this planet sent me this article. EVERYONE needs to read it. Just give 10 minutes of your life to read this, I promise you wont regret it. Another amazing person sends me text messages filled with amazing words of wisdom and always brings up my sprits just by her sweetness. 
I have the greatest people in my life. 

Another thing. I'm sure most of you heard this, but starting July 1st google reader will be shutting down (boo). If you want to still keep in touch with this blog you could follow me through bloglovin. 

I'm watching Perks of Being a Wallflower with my sister right now. I should have read the book first but whatever. So far its really good annnd now I am going to return to the movie. I hope you all have an amazing week. 

♥ misa

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Once Again

(For those of you reading this I am so sorry that I am about to sound emo)
Well it happened. I ended up getting hurt and it blows.
One of the most worst feelings ever is to be felt as though you were used. That is exactly how I feel. Maybe I'm overreacting? I don't know. But I'm deeply hurt. Its time that I place yet another bandage over the small indent that my heart has endured. 
I fall too easily and I just wish that I wasn't like this. I wish that my heart was stronger and that I don't put my guard down easily. I wish that fake people were never brought into this world. 
But its just the way that things are. These past days I have felt as though I am not valuable, I am not good enough, I am just another one, another number added to the long list
I should have known. Now I need time to heal. To be honest it's stupid how I'm feeling right now. But I just can't help it.
I wish I wasn't as hurt as I am right now. Why though? Oh yeah, it's because I was lied to and promised certain things. 

I'm a mess. But you live and learn.

There, I am done.

But know what makes me extremely happy? Pink tulips and pie. So today I took a trip to the loveliest garden in downtown Houston and ate at the amaaaaazing House of Pies. Thank you Jesus for giving someone the thought of opening this diner. It brought up my sprits today :)

Once again I'm SO sorry for sounding really depressed.  


Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Beautiful Fear

Have you ever been so happy that it scares you? I don't mean that you are scared of the feeling. You're scared because you're too happy. Everything has been going perfect and nothing has come along to screw it up. I guess its this high that I've been on. I'm scared of this feeling. Don't get me wrong, I love having these beautiful days but this month has started out absolutely perfect. That is the frightening part.

I'm scared. I'm scared of my feelings. I'm scared of getting hurt. I'm scared of giving to much.
I wish I was the type that can just go with the flow and not worry. Sadly, I am not.
I guess all I'm asking is for someone to just slap me in the face and say, "MELISSA DO NOT WORRY! IT'S ALL GOING TO TURN OUT JUST FINE"
But you know, if someone does walk up to me and say that I wont believe them.

What is wrong with my heart?