Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summmmmer 2k14

Guess what. My summer has started and I am elated. Spring '14 brought such a crazy amount of stress. I don't think I have ever encountered that much craziness in one semester. But it is over and done with and now I can rest. However I do feel a little guilty about not taking summer classes.

I'm so excited for this summer though. It's already seemed packed to the brim of things to do. Examples:
2. Kizer wedding!
3. Sisters birthday
4. Best friend Houston hangs
5. Hanging out with all of my friends
I'm so ready.

So in officially 6 days I will be jetting off half way around the world and I'm sort of flipping out. What do I pack? How much money do I bring? Can I drink their water? Will I get mugged by a bunch of koreans? Will I be sex trafficked?! and most importantly, will I like their desserts?!?!

You guys I live for this stuff. I can't wait.

This may seem scary to some of you, but one thing that I am looking forward to is taking a couple of hours to be by myself in random totally foreign country, not being able to speak their language, not knowing where to go, just being lost. I can almost feel that rush that will be coming over me as I will do something that I have never done before.
I'm giddy you guys.

I'm off to finish my lists. Whenever I travel I always make about 50 lists pertaining to everything.

♥ misa

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sweet Couple

I always see older couples and think to myself "I can't wait to have what they have one day." Then I hang out with my favorite young couple and still say the same thing. My best friend and his girlfriend Karla. They are, by far, the best couple in the world. The way that they love each other is so beautiful. They both act as though they are in their 'honeymoon phase' and they have been dating for about 4 years I think? Every time I see them together I just know that they are perfect for each other.
I am sooo happy for the both of them! I don't know about you, but I just love seeing happy couples together. 

Also, this day that we hung out we had went out to watch the new Spiderman movie. It was such a good movie! Spiderman is forever my favorite super hero. The love that he had for Gwen Stacy was so sweet. I cried a lot. Anyways, while I was watching the movie and was looking at how Peter Parker was treating Gwen Stacy I noticed that I was saying to myself 'I cannot wait to have that' instead of 'why don't I have that love'. A few months ago I would have questioned why I didn't have that and what was wrong with me. But I feel as though now I am content with who I am and just sitting here waiting patiently for the right guy, really not caring at all if he comes today - tomorrow - next year - or five years from now. I'm just living life for myself and trying to find out more of who I am. 

♥ misa

Friday, May 2, 2014

Midnight Ramblings and Playlist

Just one of those posts where I ramble again. I find that these posts are good for the people that are "so bored they want to blow their brains out" because well, you obvi gotta be incredibly bored if you're reading this. 

^My absolute favorite work buddy :) He is truly the best. I don't think guys come any sweeter than he does. His kindness blows me away every time. 
^Fun Fact: My hair looks really bad in this picture because I did not wash it in liiike 2 days? Girls gotta do what she's gotta do in order to keep the red from fading. 
^omg Fun Fact #2: Okay the girl in these pictures is named Amber. This girl has been my friend since 5th grade. Thats like 11 years!!! Anyways, in elementary school she would ALWAYS make me tie her shoes. Hahaha. She would say "okay my shoe is untied, get down and tie it." Because I was so scared of having her hate me for not doing what she told me, I would swallow my pride and get down on my knees to tie it. Well, last Wednesday I had met up with her at the park and my shoe was untied. I couldn't bend down and tie it because my dress was too short and there were many cars passing by behind me. A moment in history was made because she got down on her knee and tied it :') The emotion that went through me was probably the same emotion that I will feel when my future husband proposes to me. 
By the way, I was totally kidding about that last part. But for real. A historic memory was created.
^ Look at that sunset. Look at those colors. God is amazing. 

I'm listening to old school Coldplay right now and all of these memories are just flowing through my brain. I made a little playlist for you guys. It's just music that brings back soooo many memories to me. Maybe some of these songs brings back some happy bittersweet thoughts for you as well. Enjoy.

♥ misa