Friday, January 30, 2015


One thing that I love. Absolutely cannot get enough of are, surprises. I love to surprise people and I especially love to be surprised.

A few days ago my best friend did just that. She goes to school in Indiana and I had no idea she was planning on spending a few days here in Houston.
We had planned a day to FaceTime and as the hour quickly approached I noticed that she wasn't calling me. I thought "well I guess she got busy or something"
Then I get the call.
Then I notice a car very similar to hers outside my window.
Then I think that can't be her. She's all the way in Indiana right now.
Then I notice a pink haired beauty approaching my house.
and then I flip out.
I run out - hug the crap out of her and her friend Arianne.
She drove down and surprised everyone with her visit.

ugh. I love this girl. I seriously am just so in love with all the people in my life right now. I couldn't be more in love with who I am and who I know.

Some fun facts from this day:
- The weather this day was incredible.
- This was Arianne's first time eating a macaron. Apparently they aren't very popular in farmers town Indiana haha.
- We saw the most handsome man sitting there that day. I'm talking about jaw dropping, I cannot believe you're real, just by knowing that he exists makes me blush, hot. I tried SO very hard to gain the confidence and take his picture. But he probably would have thought I was weird if he saw me take a picture of him. But damn.

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 19-25

Last week was filled with first day of classes,
waking up super early and taking those beautiful walks,
rainy days,
bitter cold days,
catching up with all of my favorite people,
having a rude customer at starbucks,
have too nice of customers at starbucks,
proving to myself that I can move up,
sweet surprising emails,
memories flooding my mind,
have breakfast tacos at one of my favorite spots,
eating at food trucks,
eating good food in general,
let me always remember Aladdins

oh and ps.
I saw this on tumblr and freaked out because it is so perfect and so accurate.
I don't even want to get on this subject because I will just rant and go on forever about this.

Friday, January 23, 2015

No Subject

Sometimes there are no words that need to be said. 
Only representations
& understandings. 
the trying to understand & the need to understand.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Bootie Boots

I recently bought these cute bootie boots. Yes I made up that name.
I never thought I could be the type to pull them off. But do you remember one of my resolutions?
"Don't hold myself back."
So I didn't hold myself back from buying them, and falling in love with them, and strutting my stuff when I walk in them, because I feel more grown up, because I am growing up.
Welcome to my wardrobe bootie boots. I will wear you out until the heels crack and my toes begin to show through the ever increasing hole that would have developed.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Mini Is Over

For the past two weeks I have been in my room and at my school studying my little butt away. I signed up for a mini class and really didn't know what I was getting myself into. The class was supposed to be a month long. But my professor thought it would be a fabulous idea to make the class TWO WEEKS LONG. REALLY?! A SEMESTER LONG CLASS IN TWO WEEKS ARE YOU CRAZY PROFESSOR?!
It was a Communication Research class and was one of the most boring things ever. But I got through it and I had my final exam today and scored an A!!!!!!
Tomorrow evening I'll find out if I get an A in the class or a B. You see, I'm on that thin line that separates between the two and I'm crossing my fingers and hoping with everything in me that I get an A. We'll see tomorrow though.
You can bet that I'm super proud of myself.

Anyways, right after my exam my friend Anthony wanted to hang so of course I had to celebrate with someone. I ordered some of my favorite food along with one of my favorite wines and went to town on it all. Poor little Anthony is still a fetus and is not of age to drink alcohol. So he shared a tiny bit of his root beer float with me.
I'm so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life that I can call my friends. Two years ago I was lost and lonely because honestly, I didn't have many people to confide with. My best friend was in another state, my other best friend was in another city 9 hours away, and my sister was 16. But now I have so many people to love on and that love me back in the same way. I never would have imagined this.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week One

The first week of 2015 passed and definitely made its mark. I don't know if its the gloomy weather, but something has been effecting my mood lately. I guess I could say that this week sucked. Is it too soon to say that I wish January could be over with already? I'm hoping and praying that the rest of the month won't continue to be like these past few days have been. I'm also hoping that this week was not a glimpse into how this year is going to pan out. I tend to look at life in that way sometimes. I'll see things and always say to myself "is this a sign of how this will turn out." It's kind of silly actually.
Be nice to me January. xo

*Update: I just read online that MadMen's last season is going to premiere on my birthday!! Maybe this year won't be so bad after all :) Hello MadMen themed birthday party.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Roman Holiday

This movie reminds me of many. 
Many smiles & many tears.
I can relate to you Ann, on so many levels.
You will forever miss and I will forever miss.

this is why you are officially my favorite Audrey movie.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Goals

It's the time of year where yearly goals come rushing through your brain and you begin to think of all the goals that you want/need/dream of accomplishing.

Every year I always make a small list of things that I would like to accomplish or small things that will make me a better person. And now my dear friends, you will read these goals.

Here is last years post. If you want to read it. I think I did a pretty good job at accomplishing most of them. That makes me so proud!

*2015 Goals*
learn to say no
listen to my heart often
drink more water
don't stop creating
continue with my italian
don't hold myself back

Back in  2013 my cousin and I made a list of things to accomplish by the time we were 30. Last year I surprisingly completed 2 of these goals...maybe like 1 and a half of them really. 
Hopefully this year I can cross off a couple more of these :)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Party/Christmas/Funeral/New Years/Sorry There Is Going To Be A Million Pictures/But Whatever

So I have been pretty busy since my last post and tons has happened within those few weeks. So forgive me as I post about 50 pictures. I do believe that this post is perfect if you're extremely bored with nothing else better to do or unless you just find me so interesting that you wouldn't mind scrolling through all of these events that took place.

Lets start from New Years Eve then just work our way backwards.

New Years Eve:
This year was one of the best New Years Eve parties ever. I spent it with my some of my best friends and we made yummy cocktails with pink champagne and ate sushi and cheesecake and played with sparklers and talked about goals and the future and my goodness it was so good. It was a great end to 2014 and an even greater beginning to 2015.
I'm definitely going to miss 2014. Honestly it was one of the greatest years that I have experienced in my 22 years of life. I went to Korea, met a hottie but my love life never works out, actually met another hottie but as just stated; my love life never works out, got a new job at starbucks, made MANY MANY MANY new friends, decided on a major, basically I fell in love. I fell in love with my life even more than I already was. 2014 you were so very sweet to me and I love you for that. I'm kind of scared to see how this new year turns out because last year was just so good to me. But we will see how it goes.
Okay. Well here are some pictures:

A couple of days before Christmas I found out that my uncle passed away. He was my dads only brother. It came as a total shock and even as I write this I still cannot believe that he is gone. He was one of the funniest men in my life and I will miss him terribly. A few days passed and then I get a call that my grandpa passed away in a car accident. This was my uncles & dads stepfather. My grandmother lost two men in her life right before Christmas.
At the funeral I really didnt cry at all because I have already felt the worst pain of losing someone that you love, and that was my dad. I felt bad because I felt as though I was the only one who wasn't crying. Even as I tried to make myself cry I just couldn't. The pain just didn't compare to the same pain that I felt with my dad. Then it made me wonder if I am going to always feel this way when I find out that someone in my family passes away. I don't know. I just kind of feel empty about the whole thing. There have only been two times that I have cried to the point where I couldn't bare the pain. One was with my dad and the other is for a certain person who probably doesn't even deserve my tears.

Christmas Day:
Even with both of the deaths in my family we still tried to make this Christmas special and I believe that we did just that. My cousin came down from Korea so it was fun to hang out with her while she was in town. I got a bunch of Kate Spade stuff this year which made my heart flutter because I freaking love Kate Spade. We just spent time with my family and had a really good time. I made tiramisu for the first time and it TASTED AMAZING I CANT BELIEVE I MADE IT. I'm making it again tomorrow because I have been craving my tiramisu. Oh also guess who worked on Christmas Day. Meeeee. F STARBUCKS AND F THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THEIR EMPLOYEES WORK ON CHRISTMAS DAY. Hopefully next year I will have a better job where I don't have to work on a holiday.

Christmas Party:
My friends from school had this little party at an amazing place called Croissant Brioche. We exchanged gifts, ate good food, and laughed till tears rolled down our face. Before the party we met up at the Houston Museum of Natural Science to hang out for a bit. My friend can get us in for free because she works there so holla for free/educational fun haha. After we went to Kimmy's apartment and played Cards Against Humanity and some other guessing game where you put cards on your head (I totally forgot the name). It was a good time and I can't wait to have more parties with this gang :)

If you made to the end I applaud you. Let me know that you made it this far and I'll make tiramisu for you.

The End.