Monday, November 2, 2015

The Happiest Times

I'm feeling as though I am living in the best part of this year. 
I cannot believe how happy I have been these past weeks. 
All of the best things are happening to me in this very moment. 
I got an internship at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston working with their communication team,
I have an amazing job in a great location,
I'm surrounded by people who love me,
The leaves have finally started to change,
I can finally paint my nails again.
I have been feeling so blessed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Goals

My goals for you October:

Don't be afraid step out of my shell.
Stop daydreaming about him.
Procrastinate less.
Take more pictures. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Little Squirrel,

Thanks for keeping me company while I was having a strange day.
My day wasn't going completely bad per se. 
I was just in a weird mood and found myself doubting everything - 
Talking myself down, telling myself that I wasn't good enough, I wasn't capable of succeeding with some things that I'm dealing with right now. 
Relationships & school work.
But then you came along and brought a tiny bit of joy and laughter. 
I found myself laughing hysterically and the sight of having a squirrel plant its baby ass directly on my lap. 
You just wouldn't quit. You were a persistent little thing. 
You would have probably clawed your way up my chest and face just to grab the peanuts that I luckily had stashed in my bag.
Then, in that hilarious moment, you taught me a lesson:
Dont quit, you are good enough.
I guess I need to start being as persistent as you were with those nuts.
And of course I am good enough because you chose to annoy me.

Right after you left - fully satisfied from all the peanuts - 
I RSVP'd for something that I was scared about,
I sent an email that I was nervous about,
I finally said no to that person,
and then said yes to the other person.
I was making these scary decisions that I had been putting off for a while now. 

So thank you little obese squirrel. 
Thanks for choosing to walk on me and showing me this lesson. 
I'm not sure if you were a gift from God, my dad, or just a coincidence in which I thought too much about. 
You certainly were cute and just what I needed. 
Hopefully I'll see you again little mamma. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Day of Autumn

I'm having a good feeling about this season. 

This month has been throwing interesting surprises at me.

So many good & new things.

New job, new friends, new classes, changing seasons, and maybe possibly new hair color?

(although I'm still debating if that's actually going to happen)

I'm excited to see what is in store these next few weeks

Saturday, September 12, 2015

This Month,

I said a certain sentence that I never imagined would ever come out of my mouth,
and it seems as though I will keep saying this sentence over and over and over again.

Found out I was an inside joke for the past year between my new Bangladesh cousin and his wife while they lived in Korea,
"and this is my cat,"

Witnessed someone try to break into my car at night, on campus, while I was alone, in a far away parking lot,
scared out of my mind with no idea what to do or who to call.
You better believe I now carry pepper spray and debating on whether or not to carry a knife.

Have been having really strange dreams recently.

Was lucky enough to witness Messi and his team leave their hotel. Those hot Argentinian men *drooooools*


Baked about fifty red velvet cake balls and made the world fall in love with me once more. 

September, you have been interesting so far. Carry on bby.

Monday, August 31, 2015

You Shaped Space

"There are days when I forget your absence," she said, "that's how I know I'm moving on. But there is still a you shaped space in my life that refuses to be filled; that's how I know I'm not there there yet."

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

San Antonio

It's been a while since I last posted. Mainly its because I've been so busy working. I now officially work two jobs and taking four classes. My days are a little hectic. I'm not feeling as though I'm going to explode - so I guess thats a good thing. Everyday I come closer and closer to quitting Starbucks because I LOVE my new job. Absolutely love it. We'll see how everything turns out within the next few weeks.

Last weekend I had one last mini-vacation. My family traveled down to San Antonio! I've been before but I have never been to the River Walk. It was pretty cool. We also visited the Alamo and the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" museum. Our hotel was amazing also!! It was right inside the city and view from our room was beautiful. I'm not sure why there was chicken wire on the windows that was kind of strange. Other than that the whole trip was nice.

I did a terrible job at documenting this trip. Mainly because I was just so exhausted the whole time and I got a really bad sunburn. Hooray for being a pale girls who forget her sunscreen.

This summer my love for Texas has grown x100.

I love you beautiful Texas skies, beautiful Texas roads, beautiful Texas traditions.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Holy Crap This is Long

Life have been so hectic for me over here. I can't really complain because many surprising things have been happening to me recently. For example, within the past couple of days I have been offered two different jobs at two completely different places and the cool thing is I didn't even apply for them. These people thought of me when the opening became available. At one of the interviews I was hired on the spot and the other place could possibly hire me, but I'm not going to get my hopes up on that one...even though it would be sooooo great. The only thing I'm worried about is the pay. At the job that I'm currently at I feel as though I am getting paid pretty well. Not the best but certainly not the worst. I'm thinking about maybe working two jobs this semester and see how things go. I'm just scared of stressing myself out. During the semester I tend to get easily stressed and I always seem to juggle too many things at once. The job that hired me on the spot will pay me less but I know that I will enjoy working there more because the environment is so chill.
Another thing is I need to buy a car. Not necessarily a brand new one but I do need something reliable and something that I enjoy driving. My original plan is to give my car to my little sister because she needs it for work and school as well. I've never purchased anything big before so this scares me. But I do need to start building credit and maybe this is how? So many things are happening at once and all at the same time. I'm feeling as though I'm being pulled in different directions and I need to make these decisions quickly.
Also, lately I have been working so much at Starbucks. I have been working well over what is considered full time hours each week and I am so exhausted. My days have been consisting of going to school in the morning and then heading straight to work after and not getting off until 11 pm and starting this pattern over again the next day. 
I do need the money because if I want to buy a car pretty soon I'm going to need a good down payment and if I want to continue paying for school without taking out a loan this is the only way to do it. 
I'm proud of myself though. I am working so hard in order to get what I need without help from anyone. 
There have been so many times this summer when I wish that my dad was still here because I know he would help me out with these situations. He would give me the perfect advice. But he isn't here and all I have is myself. But I'm doing it and I believe that I am doing it well. Yes its hard and I wish I could hang out with my friends more than I do, I wish that I had more time for my family and I wish that I could do the things that people my age do. But I will get there eventually. I'm so close to the finish line but yet so far away. 
These past couple of years I have worked harder than I ever had. I'm not sure if working two jobs and going to school full time will kill me, I'm not sure if I'll quit working at Starbucks (because every single day I wish I could quit), I'm not sure if I'll get the one cool job where I would reaaaaaaally love working at. But I do know that this will all work itself out. I definitely have faith in that. I will get through this and I'm going to continue being that badass responsible girl who is going to be debt free. 

Sorry for the long ramble. But this is what I have been going through. I hope I'm not the only one who worries about these type of things. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Duuuuude life has been crazy hectic lately. So much has been going on recently. 
Many of it is good stuff and then there is this one thing that's not so good. I was running from it a few months back but it seemed to creep back into my life again. So while I try and continue running from the past, you can take a look at these pictures that I took while in Austin. 

We visited our Texas State Capitol and it was absolutely beautiful! Just being in the same building where our Texas laws get passed was something truly spectacular. It made me miss visiting Washington D.C.; I need to plan another trip to our nations capitol soon! 
South Congress St. was such a fun area to visit. We spent most of our time here visiting the shops and restaurants. I wish I would have taken more pictures walking down this street but I was trying to take it all in and live in the moment. There is just so much to do and see here; so many bright colors, fun interesting people walking around, hipster hobos playing their guitars, artists on the streets selling their work, it's just a fun area to hang out with your friends. 
THE ORGASMIC BURGER. LITERALLY THE BEST BURGER I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE. SO JUICY, SO CHEESY, SO WARM, SO FILLING, AHHHHHH. Many people suggested this place to me as well. One of my friends told me that they waited in line for two hours! I guess we were lucky enough to wait for an hour? The fries were also amazing. They were black truffle parmesan! ohmygod take me back. Btw, the place is called Hopdoddy if you ever feel like going. 
I also had the best omelet of my life at Cenote. I have no idea what was in this gem all I know is that it was vegetarian and made my tastebuds sing. I am a girl who loooooves a good atmosphere and this cafe was definitely my type of place. My sister and I came here every day of our trip! We both loved it that much. 
Right next to Cenote was this really cute juice bar called Ju Ju Juice. The man making the juices was so kind and extremely unique haha. We decided after one of our long days to head back over and order one of his juices. Honestly it was a bit too pricey but everything is supposedly fresh and organic. If you pay a little bit extra you can get your juice in a coconut shell, which was really cool. 
My sister snapped this picture of me reading by the pool. I was feeling totally awkward because, well, I always feel awkward when I'm around swimming pools, especially when there are hot guys around - which there were. But I just kept to my shy little self and continued reading. 
As soon as we were about to leave Austin I had a flat tire. Thankfully it happened right before we were about to hit the road. While we were stranded and praying for a miracle (because I cannot for the life of me change a tire) this nice couple asked if we needed help and thankfully the guy helped me change it. He then directed me to a repair shop down the road and it had the coolest mural painted in the waiting area. Even Austin's tire shops are freaking unique. 
Right after the tire drama we made our last stop to In-N-Out. This was the first time we had ever gone and it was pretty good. Not the best burger of my life (because nothing will ever top Hopdoddy) but I guess for the cheap price you pay, it was so worth it. And now I know why this place is so popular. 


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Currently: ATX

I have been in Austin for the past couple of days and absolutely love it here!! I have no idea why it took me so long to find my way to this amazing city. It's only 3 hours away! Seriously...what is wrong with me?
I decided to surprise my sister with a long weekend vacation for her birthday. My girl is turning 18! I cannot believe that she is going to officially be an 'adult'. That crap just blows my mind. I figured she would enjoy celebrating her birthday in a fun hip place and this place is definitely unique. Another thing is, I think I have gained about 20 pounds just by being here. The food here is incredible. I have no idea why people claim that Houston is known for their food. There is no comparison when it comes to Austin. I have tasted some of the best dishes of my life these past few days. Today I went to this burger place called Hopdoddy and there was an hour long wait, which apparently is normal for that restaurant. The wait was totally worth it. That burger was freaking orgasmic. Just wait till I finish editing that burger photo *drools*
and don't get me started on the coffee - THE CAFE'S HERE, UGHHHHH. Also I have only seen one Starbucks here, which makes me happy as well.

Anyways, here are a few pictures that I have taken with my phone. In my next Austin post I'll upload the real food photos :)

Austin, you're a babe.