Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

When Those Things Happen At The Perfect Moment

I changed my major yesterday.
but I am scared. I'm scared of the look on peoples face when I say "I'm going to be studying…."
I'm scared of when I graduate I won't be able to find a job
I'm scared of wasting my time and money studying this

I know that it's what I'm supposed to be doing.
When I walked into the building and spoke to the advisor I had this sense of peace come over me. Or maybe I was just imagining it. Who knows.
But I don't care anymore. I'm chasing my passion. That is all that should count.

Maybe it will be hard trying to find a job as soon as I graduate, but I will find a job -
Maybe I won't be making as much money as some of my friends who are studying things that will actually give them a fat paycheck, but I will have money to survive off of.
As long as I am loving what I'm doing the payoff, in the end, will be the joy in my heart.

This morning I was still thinking about this whole 'changing my major thing' and came across this article on Tumblr.

It came and the perfect time.

Do me a favor and read the article. Also, do me a favor and look at this gif:

♥ misa

p.s) I know that I never mentioned what I changed it to. I gotta wait till I gain that little boast of confidence before I end up telling the world.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just Because

because I'm about to declare a new major tomorrow
because I'm worried about this new major
because I'm worrying about the future
because I did something that I shouldn't have this week
because I'm currently sitting in this Starbucks waiting for my study group
because there are 26 more days till South Korea
because It's humid outside
because I feel bad for my cat
because I have two tests this week. Which I need to study but lacking motivation
because I need to wash these dirty jeans that I'm wearing
because the title of this picture that I typed into my computer is how I'm feeling right now
because I never posted this picture before 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just A Bunch of Pictures From This Month

So this post is just going to be about the stuff that I never posted this month. It's a lot of pictures, a lot of memories, and a lot of words. I'm so happy that I have a space to document my little life moments. Even if no body reads this thing, at least I have a place to always look back on and remember the good times & bad times. Thank you to whoever created online blogging. (kissy faces all day for you).

This month my cousin invited me to go to a baseball game with our home team going against the Yankees. We rooted for the Yankees because DUUH DEREK JETER. Also, in case you guys don't know this, this will be Derek Jeters last year to play because he is retiring. I can now forever say that I was lucky enough to see him play his last tour.

One of my best friends wanted to hang out because he didn't get to see me on my birthday. Well when he showed up to one of my favorite pizza joints in Houston, he had brought me a cookies and cream ice cream cake! That was the sweetest thing. This guy and I have been friends for 8 long beautiful years. I remember meeting him in eighth grade in one of our history classes. He was a small scrawny skater guy and I was a nerdy looking shy girl. One of the first things he said to me was "you know that you look like Mary Jane from Spiderman?" Ever since then we have been the closest pair of friends ever. There are only a hand full of people in my life that I can truly call my best friend….and he is definitely one of them. We have the friendship where I know that I will be at his wedding, he will come to mine, I will probably be there to watch him become father in the future and the same goes for me (if I ever become a mother in my lifetime haha). Man, friendship is a beautiful thing. Oh also, we are an example of the opposite sex becoming the best of friends with no romantic strings attached. It is possible you guys.

My sweet Beemo :) I had to take her to the vet the other day to get some shots and she was such a good girl. She is getting fixed next week sooooo we will see how that goes.
Look at how she is sitting in the second picture! Haha she looks out the window like that sometimes and it cracks me up every time.
Also, my cat almost NEVER cuddles with me. Like ever. I had taken a nap one day after school and I woke up to her cuddled on my chest. I nearly had a heart attack because she never does this. So I took a picture because I'm sure this will never happen again.
This picture may just look like a box of pizza - which it is. But there is more to it. I babysit for this sweet family every now and then (they always feed me pizza. hence the pizza box pic) and my goodness, the way that they love me is so wonderful. This family will drop anything that they are doing just to help me if I am ever in need. They will do more for me than a lot of my family members. I'm so blessed to have gotten the chance to know them.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kimmy and her cute sister Kat last week! My favorite band Eisley and Merriment were coming to town and I invited them along because I had a strong feeling that they would like those bands. Turns out that they did! Anways, before we headed off to the show I had met them at Croissant Brioche. This was they first time that I had eaten there but it seemed to me that this was about the hundredth time that Kimmy and Kat had eaten there. They quickly recommended what to eat and mannnn it was good. The best part was the Tiramisu! It was the best that I have had. It seems that every time I hang out with them they know of all the great fun little places in Houston to eat. I am so thankful for that - and of course for their friendship too. These two girls have also shown me so much love in the little time that I have known them. Once again, I am blessed to have found them! After we ate, we headed off to the the venue that Eisley was playing at which was the House of Blues and thankfully next door was a Forever 21. We did some shopping (well they did most of the shopping) and then I got asked a million questions about my outfit from a girl who was working there. Haha she was cute and for a split second I had felt like a celebrity because she seemed so interested in me. It was kind of weird but funny.
Then there was the Eisley and Merriment show. I think this show was the fifth time that I have seen them? It was one of my favorite sets. Actually thinking about it, I believe I say that about every show that I go to. But for real you guys. If you have never seen them live you have to. They have the voices of angels. Or if you have never heard them before you absolutely need to because they are extremely talented. Once you listen to them and research a bit of their history, you will find out why this is my favorite band.
When I was looking at all of the pictures that I took with my phone I realized that I had taken the picture during the wrong lighting and they didn't turn out the best. So I'm going to share some pictures of them that I took a couple of months ago that I never posted :)
I just love them and their music so much ♥

Some pictures of us that I took before the show. I adore these girls soooo much.

I worked, worked, worked this month as always. I have always had this love for the airport and I'm so lucky to live so close to the only international airport in Houston. We have these random art pieces all around the airport and I try to take pictures of them when I'm not in a hurry coming back from my lunch break haha. But these random little things inspire me.

I am blessed, I am loved, and I am lucky to have the life that I'm living right now. I have come a long way to feeling this good again. 
There are some things in my life that I have never shared on this blog that I probably will later on in the future. But just know that there was an extremely tough season in my life a couple years ago. It affected me and my whole family tremendously and I finally feel that we are at a place where we are content and learning to live again - and it is such a wonderful feeling. 

I hope you all are having a beautiful April month.

♥ misa

Friday, April 11, 2014

Things That Make Me Happy

1. Sitting outside in the sunshine
2. Tall iced soy dirty chai
3. Grande iced coffee, unsweet with 2% milk
4. Any flavored cupcake…literally any flavor
5. Pink tulips
6. Reading Taza's blog from the very beginning. Gets to me every single time.
7. Eisley and Merriment. Heck. That whole Dupree always puts a smile on my face.
8. Doing my daily ab workouts. I know its silly haha. But you get excited when you start seeing results!
9. Ice cream cake, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream in general
10. Making people smile

Monday, April 7, 2014

You Know, It's that Birthday Post

Guess what. I'm now 22 and officially loving it.
Birthdays are fun, you know, its a day all to yourself - all about you. You don't get many days like that but my gosh. When they come around they are one of the best feeling 'holidays' around.
My birthday was nice. It wasn't as grand as last years but it was still as sweet.
Oh yes, I still got my pink tulips on my birthday and if that doesn't make me giddy then I don't know what else will.
Remember how I had to work on my birthday? Well my boss was SO kind and let me get off extra early. He even bought me lunch. Another coworker of mine brought me a cronut from this donut shop near his house. YES A CRONUT. I tried my very first cronut and man it was heavenly. And then another coworker of mine bought me pink roses, a freaking cheesecake, and a Kate Spade gift card. You better believe my heart skipped at least 10 beats when I saw all of that stuff. It was one of the sweetest things. I don't know how I could ever repay him back. I mean gosh. That was just unbelievable.
Then as soon as I got home my family planned this surprise birthday for me filled with love and cousins and brownies and vietnamese spring rolls and the coolest gifts imaginable (thank you carolina!) and confetti and the list goes on.
It was just so nice. I am loved and I hope and pray that every single person on this planet feels as much love (and more) than I feel.

I'm so glad to be able to put 21 behind me. I will always remember being 21 as the year that I felt I had matured the most. I know that I have more growing to do in my life and I'm looking forward to this year and all the changes will come with it. Whatever changes those may be.

♥ misa

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April, Beautiful April

It's april and you know what that means? Birthday, last full month of the semester, choosing classes for fall semester, wrapping up this season.
April is going to be a good month.

Although honestly it has started out pretty strange. I found out that I have to work on my birthday and well…that didn't make me happy. But there are more things to be sad about in this world so I'm trying to not focus on it too much. I will get off at 3 so that is still some time to celebrate. Also today I had a spider in my hair. It was a strange looking black spider with green on him. My friend had saw it on me and took it out of my hair but then about 30 minutes later another friend saw the same spider on me and, well, I think she killed it. Anyways - I had this strange thought that maybe if the spider bit me on my scalp I would turn into this spider woman type thing? Too bad life isn't that cool.
The spider didn't bite me though. So yeah.

But here is some joyful news. I am officiaaaaaaaally going to South Korea. You guys. I seriously cannot contain this excitement. I just have to keep quiet about it for a while. But eep. It's happening.

My statistics class is about to start and I have to pee.


♥ misa