Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Small Italian Heart

Houston is known for being an international city and that is one of the many reasons why I love my city. Every year they host many different cultural festivals and my favorite is the italian festival. I studied Italian for almost 2 years and can talk a liiiitle bit italian. Sadly I am losing my speaking skills but that is something that WILL NOT HAPPEN. I'm going to pick it back up. Good thing I kept my italian textbook.
Anyways, that is where I was this past weekend. To be honest it wasn't as fun as I remembered it being last year, but it was still nice to taste some of my favorite Italiano desserts.

This is a random thought here but I miss being able to think in italian. So here is another little goal for myself: study my italian twice a week.

Italiano, mi manchi

♥ misa

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's All Been...

...really good lately. I've been feeling so inspired. I'm so happy that I decided to find things that inspire me this month. I have been seeing beauty in almost everything.
The other day I was stuck in traffic, I mean this was horrible traffic, I knew I was going to be late for my class and knew that finding a parking spot was going to be close to impossible, but instead of freaking out I looked out and noticed that the sun was rising and mixing the most beautiful colors together. For real, God is the best artist.

This has all been good for my soul.

October, you've been pretty lovely so far. The weather, the people, this new atmosphere that I'm in.
Keep at it October. Better yet, try and stick around for the rest of the year.

♥ misa

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Can Cross That Off My To-Do List

I think I stepped in dog poop a couple of minutes ago but I'm to afraid to check because I'm sitting in this cafe and its pretty busy here. I don't want someone to look at me while I'm checking it and think "man that girl stepped in poop, how gross" but it's starting to smell.

Oh gosh, there is nothing better than to laugh at yourself.

So I finally did it! I deleted my facebook account. It's been on my to do list for a while but I would always over think it and decide to just keep hanging on. I logged on yesterday and was just looking through every ones stuff and that same feeling came over me. Every time I would log on I would always compare myself to everyone that I'm "friends" with. Logging on would just bring me down. There are a couple people who I love looking through, like a couple of my dearest friends and some family members. But other than that the rest of the people that I'm connected through on there I could really care less about what they are thinking. I hope that doesn't seem selfish to say. I mean it in the least selfish meanest way. It's just that with this month I'm trying to stay inspired and by having my facebook account it's doing anything but inspiring me. It's just bringing my spirits down.

It feels so refreshing to have deleted that thing.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October is for Inspiration

I'm going to be completely honest here. The month of September was good to me, it could have been a little cooler, but other than that it was a great month. One thing that I did notice was that I began to lose my inspiration for things. Or I guess a better way of saying this is, I was not feeling inspired by anything. I was taking less pictures, making less things, reading less fiction, basically I found myself in a rut of not wanting to create anything. I actually noticed this yesterday. I guess the reason behind this is because I'm trying to focus on school. But still! I don't think that should be an excuse to not just soak in the beauty that I'm surrounded by. In my last post I said, "try and find beauty in all that you do today" I was doing that, but I wasn't doing it enough. Not feeling inspired by anything made me feel a little sad and empty.
So I have a question for those of you reading this (if any one is haha) what inspires you? Do you have a favorite photographer, writer, blogger, quote, etc? And how do you stay inspired? Especially when you're trying to focus on school, work, boyfriend, family, everything that goes on in our daily lives. I know that a lot of people who read this blog are bloggers. To my fellow blogger friends, how do you stay inspired to write and create?
A couple weeks ago Maddie from Girl Named Fiddy wrote a post about not finding anything to blog about. Now I truly understand what she was going through then.

I think for the month of October I'm going to take one picture a day. Something....anything, that inspires me for that day. I'll post some of them on instagram, some on this blog, and some I might keep for myself. Maybe by doing this I can learn to keep an eye out for things that I'm surrounded by and really will find beauty in all that I do that day.